Welcome Week chair wants students to live ‘STUpendously Ever After’

    IMG_3521With new students flooding the campus, the Welcome Week committee was going for a stupendous start to the school year.

    The events were fairy-tale themed, using the tagline “STUpendously Ever After”.

    “I was going to go with a Las Vegas one, but I figured a fairy-tale one would be more appropriate,” said Welcome Week chair Travis Aten. “They’re here to find their happily ever after and they’re starting a new ‘Once Upon a Time’ here in this new chapter of their life.”

    The events began with an enchanted cheer-off and things took off from there. Other events included “The Kingdom’s Got Talent” talent show, a hypnotist, a comedy show and to wrap things up, the “Let Your Hair Down” social.

    Aten said he had a lot of fun with the story book theme, even taking a royal selfie with all the first-year students during the cheer-off. Aten thinks welcome week is important because it’s the first impression students get of St. Thomas University.

    “They’re coming from these places, small towns or even bigger cities and they’re not use to the city,” said Aten. “They get to know the university, the professors, the faculty. They get to know us and they get to feel like they’re a part of this family.”


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