Weekly Briefs: Nov. 18 – 22

(Alex Dascalu/AQ)

Advocacy Week

St. Thomas University Students’ Union president Husoni Raymond was the lead on two out of the three of the New Brunswick Student Alliance’s Advocacy Week priorities from Nov. 11 to 15. He wrote a letter highlighting the NBSA’s advocacy priorities so students can send that letter to their elected officials.

Raymond was the lead for the International Students priority. He said he asked the government to cap international tuition at two per cent and provide guaranteed prices for four years for international students who are accepted. Right now there is nothing to prevent international tuition from increasing

Raymond was also the lead for the Indigenization priority. He said the NBSA advocated for Indigenization on campus, funding for Indigenous student services and for people in the government who work with Indigenous students to do a blanket exercise.

During Advocacy Week, the NBSA also advocated for the creation of a debt-relief program, as starting this December there will be no debt-relief programs.

Raymond added he met with the representatives from the People’s Alliance Party of New Brunswick and Ignite Fredericton, an organization that fuels entrepreneurs for economic growth.

Sexual assault bystander training

St. Thomas University Students’ Union president Husoni Raymond said there will be a sexual assault bystander training on Nov. 29 from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Margaret Norrie McCain Hall, room 308.

Clubs and societies

St. Thomas University vice-president administration Matt Oram said the governance committee received a new application for club status from Pixels and Bites, a network for video games between St. Thomas University and University of New Brunswick students.

He added the governance committee also received a constitution from Sexuality and Gender Advocacy. 

Funding applications

St. Thomas University vice-president administration Matt Oram said the finance committee received two funding applications for $100 each from Help Desk coordinator Sam Arthurs to do an appreciation party for Help Desk volunteers and from off-campus representatives Kathleen Jones and Sydney Shelley for the French Society’s social.

Drinking in residence

St. Thomas University firstyear residence representative Julia Evans said first-year representatives from all residences’ house committees have mentioned students have gone to them saying they feel unsafe with the alcohol policy in residence. She said they feel they have to hide in their rooms to drink and that the group “arrived to the consensus that this less supervision is in turn making them feel unsafe.”