Weekly Briefs: March 22 – 28

(Aaron Sousa/AQ)

CASA honorarium

St. Thomas University Students’ Union vice-president education Megan Cormier proposed creating an honorarium for her work with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. She represented STU on the CASA board of directors, created a board action plan, chaired the CASA member relations committee meetings, created a committee action plan, attended conferences, updated the liaison call process, hosted CASA events – along with other CASA duties, Cormier said it often took up to 10 to 15 hours per month in small tasks and another 10 to 12 hours total in CASA events

She said other CASA board members said their organizations or associations compensate them for their CASA work since CASA does not provide an honorarium to its board members.

Cormier suggested a $500 honorarium which is based on the honorarium given to the New Brunswick Student Alliance vice-chair and chair by the NBSA.

She said this isn’t something that has to become part of STUSU’s annual budget.

“It all is dependent on the unique financial situation we’re in right now where we do have the money to do this,” said Cormier.

Matthew Oram, vice-president administration, said the amount will be coming out of the conferences line since there has been no travel for CASA conferences this year. He said there’s a surplus of at least $10,000 in that line.

Social inclusion representative Andie Amaya and off-campus representative Ravtej Singh suggested the amount of $500 be increased. Amaya suggested a possible amount of $750.

“$500 is a generous amount, but if there’s a little bit more that we can add, then I would love to see that,” said Amaya.

Oram agreed that that amount is feasible.

Cormier moved a motion to approve a $750 honorarium for her work with CASA from the conferences line. The motion was seconded by president Sarah Kohut and approved by eight present voting members with two abstentions.

“I know this year hasn’t been the usual and I’m very appreciative of all of your support going to this,” said Cormier. “I wouldn’t have been able to do all the things I’ve done at CASA without such a great [student representative council] behind me.”

Strategic Plan

St. Thomas University Students’ Union president Sarah Kohut moved a motion to pass the 2021-24 STUSU Strategic Plan with the addition of friendly amendments of an anti-racism policy, suggested by social inclusion representative Andie Amaya, and the letter from the president. The motion was approved by 10 present voting members.

STUSU annual general meeting

St. Thomas University Students’ Union vice-president student life Kyle McNally said the date for the STUSU annual general meeting is set for April 22 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. This means the AGM awards will be announced on social media on that date after the meeting.

Grad class trivia

St. Thomas University Students’ Union grad class president Alaina Mejia said she received 572 answers on the grad class trivia and 15 winners were chosen.

Self-care week

St. Thomas University Students’ Union off-campus representative Sydney Shelley said the off-campus representatives are planning a self-care week for students from April 5 to 10.