Weekly Briefs: Feb. 27 – March 3

(Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

Drafting the Strategic Plan for 2023-25

St. Thomas University’s Students’ Union presented a draft of its strategic plan for 2023-25 outlining its main five pillars: reconciliation, student-driven advocacy, student engagement and growth, transparency, and accountability and sustainability.

Alex Nguyen, president of the St. Thomas University’s Students’ Union, said the executive has worked on the draft for the past three weeks to incorporate ideas that work for students.

“We want the document to be as concise as possible and also allow students to read it and understand,” she said.

The current draft includes similar pillars as the current one, but notably lacks a specific pillar for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). According to Nguyen, the reason is that EDI will be present in all pillars, but this might change as the draft receives feedback.

“I will still be open for input because we’re not going to be the ones who respond to all the documents once we’re done, it is the incoming [STUSU team] for the next three years,” she said.

The draft also adds sustainability to the pillars for the first time in STUSU’s history. Julia Evans, STUSU’s vice president of education, said not including sustainability would be a “big oversight.”

She hopes this pillar promotes the creation of sustainable initiatives and supports divestment efforts.

“If we take sustainable initiatives, then we have more credibility and our word when we’re asking them to do more sustainable initiatives,” she said.