Weekly Briefs Feb. 22 – March 7

(Aaron Sousa/AQ)

Rigby Hall backyard.co event

St. Thomas University Students’ Union president Sarah Kohut read Rigby Hall representative Jonah Simon’s report since he couldn’t be in attendance of the meeting. Simon’s report included an event planned for Rigby Hall residents on March 10 on backyard.co where winners of the different games will win a $15 gift card picked from one out of three pre-determined locations. Treat bags will be given to all who attend the event as well.

Part two of Indigenous speaker series

St. Thomas University Students’ Union Indigenous student representative Tiger Levi said the second part of the Indigenous Education and Awareness Series will take place on Thursday from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. The event will be hosted by Levi and Jonah Simon with speaker Ivan Augustine talking about residential schools and Indian day schools in New Brunswick. There will be a giveaway for those who attend the event of a $50 Visa gift card and STU swag. Levi said, unlike the last event where you had to stay the whole time to qualify for the prize, you only need to show up to qualify this time due to the sensitive nature of the presentation.

Close the Gaps campaign

St. Thomas University Students’ Union vice-president education Megan Cormier encouraged students to take part in the Close the Gaps campaign put on by the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. The campaign allows students to talk about challenges faced because of COVID-19. Cormier said the campaign can be found on closethegaps.ca.

Last MLA Monday

St. Thomas University Students’ Union vice-president education Megan Cormier said MLA Monday with David Coon will happen tomorrow, March 8, at 1 p.m. She said it might be students last opportunity to attend because she is unsure if the event will occur in April due to exams.