Weekly Briefs: Feb. 14 – 20

(Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

Students’ Union spring general election

St. Thomas University Students’ Union president Tyler MaGee said nominations for STUSU’s spring general election open on Feb. 28. More information on election dates will be released this week.

Affirmative Action Bursaries

St. Thomas University Students’ Union vice-president administration Alex Nguyen said due to the high volume of Affirmative Action Bursaries, the date of the decision will be pushed back. Nguyen said the date should be by the end of next week.

Potential beading workshop

The St. Thomas Student Reconciliation Committee is looking at potentially hosting a beading workshop for STU grads, where students can bead a T-Pin. At the same time, there will be a questionnaire hosted asking the grads their perspective on campus reconciliation.

Confidentiality policy amendment passed

St. Thomas University Students’ Union president Tyler MaGee said there is a lack of a confidentiality clause within the STUSU committee operations policy. Introducing a confidentiality clause and specifying what is confidential versus what isn’t might encourage students to be more comfortable sharing their thoughts on issues, said MaGee.

MaGee called for a vote from all the voting members of STUSU to approve the policy amendment. The amendment was approved by a majority vote.