Weak Size Fish take on Ontario, Quebec

Diane Cole – The Aquinian
Weak Size Fish will play the Capital Feb.18. (Courtesy Weak Size Fish)
Weak Size Fish played the Capital Feb.18. (Courtesy Weak Size Fish)

Even though they’ve already had a busy year of touring, the guys in Weak Size Fish just can’t wait to get on the road again.

But this time they’ll be taking their popular, funky tunes out of the Maritimes. They’ll be taking their first plunge into the Ontario and Quebec waters with this next tour, which kicks off next week in Montreal.

But before they start anew with that, the guys will be finishing off yet another round of local shows.

For the past few weeks they’ve been serenading crowds across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and P.E.I. The turnout at their shows proves they’ve already got a great fan base here. Still, lead singer and guitarist, Nick Mazerolle says they’re excited for this new opportunity for growth.

“The east coast is really starting to be good to us, but now we’ve got to start opening up new markets,” he says. “Now’s our first time, so we’re not really expecting much off the first tour…but we’re going to have a good time with it, and we have to start somewhere with it, so why not now?”

It’s been a great time for the band. They released their debut album, Off We go, in March 2009 and have played various summer music festivals this past summer.

They also got the chance to strut their stuff at the Harvest Jazz and Blues festival in September as part of the CBC Galaxie Rising Star Competition. Even though they didn’t go home with the title, they were very happy for the chance to play in front of some of the biggest names in the music industry.

After they wrap up their tour of Ontario, they will be getting yet another opportunity to showcase their material in front of some important people. They will get to play a set on the rock stage at the ECMA’s, which are being held in Sydney, Nova Scotia in March.

They will only be getting 20 minutes to wow the audience, but Mazerolle says they couldn’t be more excited to get to play on that stage.

“From what it seems, the ECMA’s almost seem like bands just get an opportunity to showcase their music to industry people,” he says. ” Hopefully there’s going to be industry people there when we’re playing and then they kind of see us, and see us in a good way and hopefully it goes from there. Hopefully it will open some doors, if not we’ll just keep going.”

Then they’ll be heading back into the studio to start work on their second album. In the past year they’ve been testing out new songs on their audiences, and are now ready to solidify them in a record.

They’ve learned a lot about the recording process from their first foray into recording, and Mazerolle says they’re better prepared for it this time. He’s expecting it to be ready for release this coming fall.

If you’re interested in checking out these guys before they ride the tide out to Ontario, they will be playing a set Feb 18 at the Capital Complex as part of the new Feels Good Thursdays at the complex. And for more information on the band, their tour and to check out some of their tunes, mosey on over to www.myspace.com/weaksizefish or www.weaksizefish.com.


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