Tommies get defeated in regular season basketball home opener

Head coach of the men's tea, Scott MacLeod says Mount Allison is one of their toughest competitors. (Shannon Cornelius/AQ)

The St. Thomas University women’s and men’s basketball teams hosted Mount Allison University on Nov. 4 in their first home game of the regular season.

The first half of the women’s game was evenly matched. Both teams had good plays and bad plays, including some issues with fouls. The score at halftime was 31-20 for Mount A.

The second half saw good hands and quick feet for both teams as well as quite few fouls. STU struggled to pull ahead and pushed hard in the last quarter, especially in the last five minutes when they trailed by 10. However, they were unable to pull ahead, and lost 64-53.

The men’s game started out with some solid shots made by the Tommies, but it took them a bit to start scoring. The Mounties were able to make some good shots from the beginning and started with a lead. The Tommies fought hard, but the score at half was 56-38 for Mount A.

(The men’s game saw a lot of good shots by the Tommies. Shannon Cornelius/AQ)

The second half saw more agility from Mount A, and strong good shots by both teams. STU was able to make some good blocks, but Mount A was able to keep the lead.

The last 10 minutes became tense as frustrations were high and the fouls became more frequent. Mount A was able to keep up with the good hands, and were able to win the game at 109-61.

Head coach Scott MacLeod was impressed with how the team played given the amount of new, young players on it, and the fact that Mount A is one of their toughest competitors. He believes they will continue to get better as the season continues.

(The women tried to come back and tie the game but were unsuccessful. Shannon Cornelius/AQ)

“With a lot of young players this year, the pace of the game is new to them just coming out of high school,” said MacLeod.

“I think that’s showing that we do have potential.”


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