Tommies drop finals to Reds

(Billy Cole/AQ)

In the dying minutes of the  ACAA rugby finals against University of New Brunswick Reds, the Tommies trailed by just two points on Nov. 2 at College Field. The Tommies had just scored, but almost at the goal line, the ball was dropped by the Tommies and the Reds gained possession. The Reds scored shortly after to seal their fifth consecutive ACAA title.

The final score was 34-27.

Tommies head coach Mary-Kim Schriver just finished her first season as head coach.

“There were times we could have maximized on their errors and times we made our own but overall, the team worked together,” said Schriver.

“STU is not a big team in comparison, so they make up for it in other ways.”

Becca Baker of the Tommies struck first in the game, scoring her first of three tries, giving the Tommies a 7-0 lead in the first half. After the Reds tied it up and eventually took the lead, STU was able to find the try zone again, working their way to the right side of the field and tying up the game for the Tommies at 12-12. After UNB scored consecutive tries, Baker scored in the last minute of the first half to cut their deficit to seven points, as the Reds led 24-17 at halftime.

Schriver said there were times the Tommies could have took advantage of UNB’s errors. (Billy Cole/AQ)

The second half went back and fourth, as UNB scored early in the half to take a 29-17 lead. The Tommies scored consecutive tries to get to just two but it wasn’t enough, as the Reds continued their dynasty, finishing another season undefeated and winning a fifth consecutive title. The Tommies finished their season 4-2.

“They were able to check off that they almost accomplished all their goals they set forth in the beginning,” Schriver said.

“It is just another game of rugby, so don’t go away disappointed, learn from the mistakes and move forward.”