Supreme Taco hungry for festival vibe

Taco Supreme and Jonach Haché get wild with their art (Submitted)

Are you hungry for some live art? If so you’re in luck. Tennessee-born, but now Moncton-based visual artist/ DJ producer Taco Supreme will be throwing one of his famous “taco parties” this Friday night at the Capital.

Originally coming to New Brunswick to play at a small but messy music festival called Messtival, Taco has been caught in a Maritime-festival tornado and has decided to stick around.

Taco has teamed up with a versatile group and will be bringing the “We Should Have Done This When It Was Warmer” tour to four stops across the Maritimes including Fredericton, Halifax, Saint John and Moncton.

This travelling art show is put on by To Be Announced Collective, a non­profit cooperative dedicated to promoting endeavours by local artists and musicians.

Taco and his close friend and fellow TBA Collective member Jonah Haché will be lighting up the downtown bar with a steady mix of their visual artisanship and wild beats. The pair, who have showcased their work at some Maritime festivals such as Follyfest, Evolve and Messtival are trying to keep the festival vibe alive in the winter months.

“We love the festival atmosphere, so when we do a show like this one at the Capital we try to recreate that atmosphere as much as possible,” said Haché, who is a loop-based DJ and projection artist from the Hub City. He has also played with such acts as Moncton’s The Motorleague and Les Païens.

Contrary to popular belief, live art in collaboration with music is not always spur of the moment. When an artist is given a specific amount of time to finish a piece, pre-planning is essential. Taco begins thinking about what he’s going to paint days before an exhibition. During a timed piece even little mistakes will cost you.

“When you’re doing a live piece you have to make sure that every move you make is absolutely intentional. I just try to get a comfortable and quick background first so I can focus on a cool character,” said Taco.

Accompanying Taco and Haché is Halifax Hip ­Hop group The Caravan, whose 2010 album was nominated for an ECMA. Their song “What Up Steve” – a political satire directed at Prime Minister Harper – recently went viral, becoming a favourite among college students.

“In all honesty none of us are particularly political it was just what was inspiring us at the time. I’m very curious what’s going to happen to that song with the next election coming up,” said Mark Bachynski, drummer for The Caravan.

Haché, Taco and The Caravan will also be accompanied by Fredericton rappers Sam Anderson, J­Rent and ECMA-nominated rapper Monark. Throughout the concert Taco will be showcasing the paintings he has compiled over the years. He will also be painting live during The Caravan’s set.

You can catch this crazy live art collaboration on Friday, Feb. 7 at 11 p.m.


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