STUSU Briefs – January 27th

    Motion for international student representative tabled indefinitely
    An ad-hoc committee was created to study representation of special interest groups such as international and native students. The committee will also report on communications between the students’ union and clubs and societies. The committee was created in response to the motion to create a representative for international students put forward by Jon Munn last week. No new representatives have been created. The discussion will resume when the committee makes its report on or before March 14.

    Budget update to be presented this week
    Fin Mackay-Boyce will present a budget update at this week’s meeting. The update is already finished, but could not be presented last week as the students’ union employee salaries were not blacked out. The salaries of individual employees cannot be disclosed, but the total amount the STUSU spends on employees is public information.

    Vote on constitutional changes delayed
    The systemic overhaul proposed by John Hoben in November will be voted on next week. The proposal has been discussed at length and amended many times by council over the past two months. It is closed to further amendments as of the end of last week’s meeting. At the time of writing, it was expected the final version of the proposed changes would be presented to students via and the students’ union facebook page. Students are encouraged to contact their representatives with feedback. A list of representatives’ names and e-mail addresses can be found at

    Election called
    The dates for the spring general election have been released. Chief returning officer, Justin Creamer, says nominations will be open from Feb. 11 to 15. Nomination forms can be picked up and returned to the Help Desk in James Dunn Hall. The campaign period will be from Feb. 18 to 22, and voting will take place on Feb. 26 and 27. Creamer plans to set up a kiosk explaining how to vote before the election. This year will be the first time the students’ union has had online voting. There will also be a referendum question about the way the representative council is elected, but the wording has not been decided yet.

    Mental health and wellness week planned for March 11 to 15
    Elizabeth Murray is planning a mental health and wellness week for when students return from March Break. Murray is working with UNB Health and counselling services to arrange speakers and seminars throughout the week. The LGBTQ support group Spectrum is interested in helping. Students, clubs, and societies wishing to be involved can contact Murray at

    Crabbe Mountain trip
    Students are invited to go skiing at Crabbe Mountain. The off-campus committee has arranged for a bus to pick students up in front of the Student Union Building at 11:30 a.m. on Feb. 9. The bus will leave Crabbe Mountain at 6:30 p.m. The cost of the trip is $15 for people bringing their own equipment and $25 for people needing to rent. The bus will cost $5 per person and seats are limited so an RSVP by the end of this week is required to reserve a spot. Students with their own transportation are also invited.


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