STUSU Briefs Jan. 25, 2018

(Design: Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

Amended bylaw passed

A bylaw that was temporarily suspended to allow the appointment of Alexa Metallic to the Indigenous representative position was amended.

The bylaw previously stated that if someone was appointed to an interim position, an official byelection for the position had to be held two weeks later.

The amended bylaw now reads, “Should SRC deem a byelection to fill a non-[executive] position as not feasible and yet determine the position should be filled; the Governance Committee of SRC shall screen interested appointees and recommend a potential appointee to [the executive committee], who shall then submit the appointee’s name to SRC for a final vote on the matter.”

Environmental representative to come?

A proposal was put forth by former St. Thomas University’s Students’ Union Harrington Hall representative Nikita Spencer to establish an environmental representative position on STUSU.

The potential duties of the position weren’t outlined.

Council discussed the best way to incorporate the position. Social inclusion representative Rebecca Kingston suggested including potential duties of an environmental representative under the mandate of a current representative. At-large representative Nicholas Decarie proposed creating a permanent committee on environmental sustainability or dropping an at-large position and adding an environmental representative position.

International students denied visas

Some international students looking to study in Canada are being denied student visas for security reasons. Vice-president education Brianna Workman said this has been a problem at Atlantic universities, particularly in New Brunswick.

She said it hasn’t impacted St. Thomas as much.

Workman said STU doesn’t tend to get many students from the countries in question. The New Brunswick Student Alliance is planning to create a committee to discuss the issue.

NBSA executive director

The hiring committee for the executive director of the NBSA has revamped its hiring strategy.

Vice-president education Brianna Workman said the committee has had a difficult time trying to find someone to fill the position.

“We’ve been looking since November, but no one is really looking for a new job in November or December,” Workman said.

Sam Titus, former STUSU vice-president education, will remain the acting executive director. Workman said the NBSA will likely have a director in the coming months.


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