STUSU Briefs Jan. 11, 2018

(Design: Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

Funding for black history month

Husoni Raymond received $2,500 in funding to organize events for black history month.

“This is the first time that STU will actually be putting on something this big for black history month,” Raymond said.

“This will give students the opportunity to engage in open dialogue about issues affecting Afri-Canadians and it will cover a wide variety of topics.”

STU will acknowledge black history month in February. There will be a panel featuring Alyssa Joy, founder of Black Space Winnipeg; a panelist from Black Lives Matter Toronto, a student panelist and a local panelist.

Three large posters highlighting the contributions of several African-Canadians will also be displayed in James Dunn Hall.

Leftover money from the budget for black history month will be given to the Atlantic Human Rights Centre to fund future initiatives.

Bylaw amendment proposed

A proposal to amend a bylaw that was temporarily suspended to allow the appointment of Alexa Metallic to the Indigenous representative position on STUSU was put forth by vice-president administration Matt LeBlanc.

The bylaw currently states that if someone was appointed to an interim position, an official byelection for the position had to be held two weeks later.

If officially amended, the bylaw would read, “Should SRC deem a byelection to fill a non-[executive] position as not feasible and yet determine the position should be filled; the Governance Committee of SRC shall screen interested appointees and recommend a potential appointee to [the executive committee], who shall then submit the appointee’s name to SRC for a final vote on the matter.”

Discussion for the proposed amendment to the bylaw was tabled for the next meeting.

Hall of flags

Vice-president education Brianna Workman received $750 in funding for a hall of flags.
Flags representing the countries of STU’s international students will be displayed in James Dunn Hall.

“It’s a really beautiful, colourful symbol on our campus here at STU of all the international folks we have here,” said Workman.

“James Dunn Hall is always populated with lots of students, so it would be a place where lots of students would get to see it.”


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