STUSU briefs

    Spring Elections

    STUSU’s Spring Elections will formally open with the nomination call Tuesday.

    Other important dates are as follows:

    Nominations Close: Thursday, Feb. 13

    Candidates Meeting: Friday, Feb. 7 (time TBA)

    Campaigning: Saturday, Feb. 15 – Friday, Feb. 21

    Speeches: Wednesday, Feb. 19 and Friday, Feb.21

    Debate: Thursday, Feb. 20 (time TBA)

    Voting: Monday, Feb. 24th and Tuesday, Feb. 25th

    Nomination forms can be found online on the STUSU webpage or at the JDH help desk. Interested students will need to gather ten signatures, and may be required to meet other criteria on a position-by-position basis.

    Check the Tommy Times coming out this week for more information on the positions available.

    Senators removed from student representative council

    After complaints from student senator Alex Driscoll regarding the need for them to sit at all student representative council meetings despite being non-voting members, STUSU is now aiming to remove senators from the student representative council.

    “I would still hope that they would be running under the intention of coming to the SRC meetings,” said VP admin Luke Robertson.

    He explained the position was linked to the SRC as it is now to ensure senators would be aware of the goings on of STUSU.

    The decision was made by executives to change the constitution to reflect that the Senate will be completely separate from the SRC, effective next year.

    The governance committee was tasked with reviewing the constitution. From this came a suggestion that senators may be able to hold two positions, one in the Senate and one in the SRC.

    Formal changes to the constitution will begin draft next week.

    Changes to emergency bursary coordinator position

    STUSU is considering extending the position of emergency bursary coordinator and possibly giving the position to a social work student.

    This year was the first year a position was made exclusively to oversee the emergency bursary program. Michael Haley currently holds the position, and while several executives with STUSU agreed he did a standout job, he reportedly said he felt unprepared to deal with the emotional nature of some of the requests for financial relief.


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