STUSU Briefs

    Changes to Canada student loans
    Vice-president education, Sam Titus, said STUSU in participation with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations’ lobby week was successful in one of CASA’s requests of the government. Canada Student Loans Program now offers a fixed-rate contribution, meaning anyone accepted into the program is now guaranteed anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000. Previously, Titus said, the amount students received was more variable and made it difficult for students to predict how much money they would receive from the program.

    In addition, Titus said the program will now put more emphasis on groups that traditionally are underfunded or have difficulty accessing university, such as indigenous communities, first generation students and former wards of the Crown.

    Wi-Fi issues being fixed
    Off-campus student representative Brandon LeBlanc noted connection problems have been reported from students attempting to access St. Thomas University’s Wi-Fi network in James Dunn Hall. LeBlanc said he and the IT department have been investigating the issue and it should be resolved in the near future. He said they will also be circulating around campus to ensure all buildings have adequate Wi-Fi service.

    Grad class event dates chosen
    Philippe Ferland, vice-president administration, announced on behalf of grad class president, Danielle Brewer, that dates for grad class events have been finalized. The grad class dinner and T-ring ceremony will be taking place on March 31. The mystery bus will be on Feb. 24 and there will be a trivia night at the Social Club on Feb. 8. The final event, a grads-only pub crawl, will be April 1. Grad class clothing went on sale yesterday.

    Ferland said while planning has begun, the grad class is still fundraising as they do not yet have a budget.


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