STUSU at-large rep resigns pending impeachment


St. Thomas University Students’ Union at-large representative Sean Kenney officially resigned from his position at the March 15 STUSU meeting.

Kenney’s resignation came pending the Union’s plans to impeach him at that same meeting, a motion that had been brought forth by president Philippe Ferland on March 1.

On March 15, Ferland motioned to table the impeachment indefinitely as Kenney would resign instead.

Before voting, at-large representative Nicholas Decarie said he was not opposed to tabling the impeachment, but asked if council felt it was necessary to have a discussion as to whether or not it was appropriate to table it indefinitely.

Ferland told Decarie that if a council member is willing to resign, “we can’t hold them hostage for impeachment.”

The motion to table the impeachment indefinitely passed with 10 votes for, zero against and two abstentions.

Ferland read Kenney’s apology letter before council.

Kenney said he was very happy to have been part of STUSU.

“To anyone who I have made uncomfortable, I am truly sorry. That was not my intention. I respect everyone at this table and I hold you all in high regards now and moving forward,” he wrote.

Kenney acknowledged some of his actions this year had been considered controversial “because of mistakes and miscommunication.” This included what he described as an inappropriate Facebook post.

“I respect everyone for who they are,” he wrote regarding the post, which targeted the federal government.

“I am also sorry for some of my actions in STUSU meetings that have broken protocol.”

Kenney specifically apologized for leaving STUSU’s March 1 meeting without politely excusing himself, as well as seeming to have ignored other council members when they spoke at meetings.

In his letter, he apologized specifically to vice-president education Brianna Workman for comments he had made about the New Brunswick Student Alliance and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, and suggesting STUSU executives positions are submissive to those organizations and have no say.

“I regret this post because it is misleading and misworded. The CASA and NBSA part was not directed at Brianna,” he said, adding he did not fully understand the relationship between STUSU and those organizations at the time.

Kenney also apologized for not attending the sexual assault crisis intervention training in January, which had been mandatory for council members to attend.

“I boycotted this event because I thought there were no exemptions, even for those who would find it triggering. I realized after the fact that [this] was not the case,” he wrote.

“Had I understood this, I would have attended. I will attend the next sexual assault crisis intervention [training].”

Kenney said he was deeply sorry for all his actions.

“I only want the best for the great students that we [are honoured] to represent and I hope you’ll accept my resignation letter, and wish you all the best.”

As per STUSU’s bylaws, the position is now vacant.


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