STU’s Multicultural Fair a Hit

    From performances of Thai pop songs, to contemporary African dance, this year’s multicultural fair brought flair from all corners of the map.

    The St. Thomas University International Students’ Association’s annual Multicultural Fair was held on Saturday.

    The event featured examples of traditional dancing, and music from a variety of different countries. Fashion lovers appreciated examples of traditional clothing from nations as diverse as Mexico, Kenya, and Japan. For the culinary minded, food from a variety of cultures was on also featured.

    Anglela Vosse, Ambassador for the North American students at the STUISA, hopes this year’s Multicultural Fair allowed people to get out of their comfort zones, and broaden their horizons.

    “I am just hoping it’s a fun night for everyone to embrace, and share other cultures,” said Rivas.

    Barry Craig, St. Thomas’ VP of Academics and Research said the international community brings a sense of vibrancy to the student body. He associated a university without them, to his mother’s English style cooking.

    “Without [the multicultural community], truly our community would be similar to my mother’s food; solid, not that exciting, and not particularly interesting,” said Craig

    The money raised from the fair will go towards a bursary for international students. Vosse says that international students are in a difficult financial position.

    “Just the fact that tuition is higher for international students is a good reason to have a bursary ,” said Vosse. “It’s a good way to give back to the international student community, which is very strong at STU.”

    According to the STU website, the campus has approximately 120 international students. These students hail from over 35 nations. The multicultural fair gives them an opportunity to not only experience customs they have in their native countries, but to expand their horizons as well.

    International students aren’t the only ones who benefit, students from Canada also appreciate the exposure. Alex Corbett is a third year student at St. Thomas, he says that domestic students can learn a lot from attending events like this.

    “[I] was born in Fredericton myself, I think this is a great way of getting to understand the wider world,” says Corbett. “It makes for a great evening, and it makes for a lot of opportunities to learn.”