Students frustrated with no internet

    Students living on their own are not only facing the everyday challenges of providing for themselves, but also the frustration of having no internet.

    Students in many apartments and houses are still waiting for the installation of wireless internet that was promised to be put in two weeks ago.

    “Having to go to campus just to use the internet for school is not only frustrating but inconvenient,” said STU student Hannah Watson, who is balancing her schoolwork with playing on a sports team and working.

    Those living in an apartment like Watson, whose internet is included in their lease, were supposed to have the internet installed upon the arrival of the tenants on Sept. 1. However, over half the building is without internet without hearing any reason or discussion about reimbursement from their landlord.

    “We called a couple times and was told it would be here the next day but we’re still waiting,” said student Shannah Clarke.

    Tenants living at 30 Dunns Crossing have been making constant phone calls and emails have been made in attempt to contact the landlord about this issue, but have had no response. Upset tenants came across a notice posted on the front door of the apartment on Sept. 6 stating residents would have their internet installed hopefully over the next two weeks by the provider, Bell.

    With Bell and other media providers installing internet, cable and other services for those just moving in, September is one of the busiest months.

    “Our employees are working their hardest to put in media for our valued customers and we apologize for any inconvenience the delays are causing,” said Bell employee Claire Dyrdek.

    Clarke said not having WiFi is a big enough issue, but paying for a service that isn’t being provided is much worse.

    Clarke along with others is not only frustrated having to pay for the internet but the transportation costs to go to and from campus just to access internet, as well.

    “It’s not only wasting my time to travel to and from St. Thomas everyday, but also gas money,” said Clarke. “We’re students, we cannot afford to be wasting money on something that we are supposed to have access to in our own place.”

    As student loans are still being processed, students are feeling stressed about how having no internet is compromising their financial situations.

    “Using the internet for email and other things on my phone is sending my bill through the roof when I should be able to access that from my laptop,” said STU student Jenna Betts. “We should be reimbursed for the time we’ve been without internet.”

    Without hearing anything from the landlord residents are fed up.

    “Clearly Bell is busy but our landlord should’ve had it setup for them to install it before we arrived,” said Watson.

    With still no word of from the landlord, residents are still unsure of when they will have internet in their own homes.

    “Hopefully soon, but we’ve had our hopes up for two weeks now,” said Betts.


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