STU student releases solo album

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An emerging voice on campus recently marked her spot in Fredericton’s thriving music scene. Second-year St. Thomas University student Jerry-Faye Flatt brings a therapeutic overtone and channels challenging times in her life into her first full length release In Sum.

Flatt’s album, In Sum, draws on experiences from her life. (Submitted)

“It was a crazy, crazy year,” said Flatt, referring to some of the experiences referenced in her new album.

Born in Toronto and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, Flatt has a youthful innocence in her writing, which is true to the struggle she says she faced when leaving home for the first time. This motif is no more evident than in the track “Song For Mom,” where the last year or so of her life is reflected on in a personal dialogue to her mother.

“’Song For Mom’ was about a lot of life experiences that have happened within the past year and a bit,” said Flatt.

“This was the first time I’ve ever moved this far away from my mom, it was a big thing for me.”

Flatt channels challenging times in her life into her music (Photo: Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

In Sum is an intimate, lightly produced piece that was recorded by Flatt’s close friend and bandmate, Aidan Bullock. Tracked live off the floor, the record has a pure, live feel to its composition. However, that came more of necessity rather than artistic expression. According to Flatt, she simply needed something that people can listen to before or after her shows.

Flatt’s album is made up of recordings of her live in-studio performances. (Submitted)

When asked whether she enjoys having a rawer sound for her music, Flatt said, “Not necessarily, some day I’m gonna do a produced version of what it ends up being.”

The songs themselves are a compilation of some that are brand new and others that have been in the works for a long time. Hence the title, it is a summary that brings her audience up to date on everything she has written.

“This is kind of long overdue,” said Flatt.

The album also includes a cover of the song “I Know” by Regardless, a side project of Flatt’s with her friend Sadie Donahue back in Saint John. She also covers “Unfucktheworld” by Angel Olsen, who she says is one of her biggest influences.

Flatt says that balancing school with her music can be difficult at times. (Submitted)

“I really like how she can be chilled out and sing these amazing, beautiful lyrics and melodies and be really intimate and then also be super rock and roll,” said Flatt.

As for the future of her music, Flatt says she will continue to balance the workload of playing shows and the responsibilities of her academics, a task she admits is not easy.

“I’m not gonna lie, it’s extremely difficult,” said Flatt.

In Sum is available digitally online and physically at her next show which is Oct. 21 at Grimross Brewing.


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