STU Revue Preview

Karissa Donkin – The Aquinian

The STUSU is once again teaming up with Friends of Kofi to bring the STU Revue back to the Kinsella Auditorium.

The show is in a talent show format with all proceeds going to Kofi Ampong, a STU graduate. Ampong was stabbed outside of a Moncton nightclub two years ago, and now uses a wheelchair.

Since then, he has been trying to recover from his injury while fighting a deportation notice back to his native Ghana.

Lydia MacDonell, the STUSU events coordinator said there will be “plenty of laughs” to go along with the music. Many of them are likely to come from English professor Andrew Titus, who is back to MC the event for a second year.

The event will display some of Fredericton’s most talented. A performance by the STU/UNB dance troupe, some “soulful saxophone with a contemporary twist,” local bands including Journey to Unity and a “whimsical musical duet” are some of the highlights of the talent lined up to perform.

Last year’s STU Revue raised an estimated $800 for Kofi. Friends of Kofi founder and STU political science professor Rick Myers said that the event means a lot to Kofi.

“STU is really his only family on this side of the planet, so we want to do our best to help him out,” Myers said. “And while providing financial support is really important to him (since he can’t work at the moment) it’s every bit as important to show him that his STU family is still thinking about him, supporting him and wishing him well.”

Kofi said he loved last year’s STU Revue because he felt the “Tommie spirit” he loved when he was a student.

“The mere fact that such passion is incessant and continues to show year after year is telling of the varsity spirit legacy that preceded my time,” said Ampong.

“I have the entire student body to thank as well as STUSU & STUISA and lastly, not to forget, the organizers of the event,” he said. “I hope it’s every bit as successful and enjoyable as always…and even more.”

The event means more to MC Titus than just making people laugh.

“This event says that we are strong, that we are talented, that we care, that we’re cool, and that if anyone messes with one of our own, we close ranks and stick by our people.”

The STU Revue – Concert for Kofi will take place on Feb. 17 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Kinsella Auditorium. Tickets are $4 and Friends of Kofi buttons will be sold for $2, with all proceeds going to Kofi.



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