STU Musical Theatre presents ‘Seussical’

The St. Thomas University Musical Theatre team rehearsing for their play "Seussical The Musical." Opening the February 22nd, 2023 at the Black Box Theatre. (Submitted: STU Musical Theatre)

St. Thomas University’s Musical Theatre class will present Seussical a musical comedy blending many familiar Dr. Seuss stories.

Under the direction of Tania Breen, the cast and crew have been rehearsing since the end of October. 

Emily Bessey is a second-year student at STU double majoring in fine arts and women and gender studies. She is one of the “bird girls” who have the role of narrating the musical and is also in most of the musical numbers. 

Seussical is my first stage show at STU, so I guess that makes it kind of special. It’s my first show with this group … we’re a really tight knit cast,” said Bessey.

She said the show is very lighthearted and silly, and since the last few years have “not been the most fun for people,”  it can offer the audience a rest and some silliness. 

“It’s a nice little break from reality,” said Bessey.

Not only have the past few years been challenging, Bessey said a lot of shows presented in the Black Box recently have been heavy, dealing with dark themes and subject matter.

“To do something that was originally really aimed for kids as a more adult cast has been really fun for us,” said Bessey. 

Drew Hudson, a fourth-year student honouring in English and majoring in Fine Arts, is playing the role of the Cat in the Hat. 

Hudson described the play as “Into the Woods made with Dr. Seuss material.” 

“It’s a huge crossover episode and who doesn’t love a crossover,” he said. 

Hudson remembers his grandparents reading Dr. Seuss books to him as a child and said the characters are a pop culture staple.

As he wraps up his final year at STU, Hudson said he is happy to be playing a fun role, especially in light of the last few years in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It’s been really cool to be able to play such a fun character for my last hurrah here,” said Hudson. 

Seussical will have its opening night on Feb. 22 and runs until Feb. 26. Tickets are available through the STU Musical Theatre social media pages.