STU entrepreneur helps others Sync Into Clarity

Sinclair Green helps others connect with themselves through reiki and theta healing. (Submitted by Sinclair Green)

St. Thomas University student Sinclair Green is in the business of retrieving souls. She began her business, Sync into Clarity, in 2016 after discovering spirituality was her passion. Now she’s helping others connect with themselves through reiki and theta healing.

“I just facilitate a space for the person to kind of bring back those pieces of themselves that they haven’t dealt with yet,” Green said.

She uses a method she likes to call “soul retrieval” to bring back those pieces. Green said when people experience trauma, or even wake up badly to their alarm, parts of ourselves will dissociate. They separate to help you deal with and live with the trauma. Through soul retrieval, Green will bring the forward the broken pieces and reintegrate them into oneself.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, 70 per cent of Canadians use “complementary and alternative health-care therapies” including yoga, reiki and naturopathy.

Sinclair Green uses soul retrieval to reintegrate again. (Submitted by Sinclair Green)

As the daughter of a registered nurse, Sinclair said spiritual healing is complementary to traditional medicine, not better. She said both have certain strengths, but they work better together.

“I dream of a facility that accepts, welcomes and values both streams of healing,” she said.

Sinclair rents a room at Sole Healers Reflexology when she needs it. She said some of her clients, few of which are students, say their experience was “enlightening” and she helped improve their life.

While Green has a general structure to her sessions, the session will depend on the client.

“Each session is completely different, and I don’t even know what to expect.”

Green completed her level one and three reiki training at The Reiki Cottage in New Maryland and her teacher-level training at the Balance with Reiki in Marysville. She learned theta healing at the Essential Wellness Holistic Naturopathy Clinic in Saint John.

She describes theta healing as a spiritual form of cognitive behavioural therapy. It uses a meditation technique to lower the brainwaves from beta, which is an awake and alert state, down to theta, a deep relaxation.

Sinclair Green said spiritual medicine resonates with who she is at her core. (Submitted by Sinclair Green)

Green didn’t always plan to run a spiritual business. She originally came to STU for criminology but dropped out due to her mental health. She spent time mediating and caring for herself and and she discovered spirituality was her passion.

“And that’s essentially where my spiritual awakening kind of happened.”

Sinclair said spiritual medicine resonates with with more who she is at her core and sees herself as evidence of her spiritual practice.

She said practicing spiritual medicine is more accessible than traditional medicine. It doesn’t require a certain grade point average to learn how to heal her pain and trauma.

After working a day job at a grocery store for a while, Green decided she could be doing more with her skill set and decided to come back to school and finish with a different major than what she originally intended. 

It’s hard work for Green balancing being a student entrepreneur while also attending school and making sure she isn’t running herself into the ground.

“I guess what makes it worth it is knowing that I’m getting closer to self-actualization and helping people also reach that self-actualization for themselves,” she said.

“Essentially knowing that I’m planning or trying to do something with my future in mind.”

At 26, Green thinks she knows herself a lot better now than when she was 18 and first came to STU – what habits are healthy for her, when her best times to work are, what feels good and what doesn’t.

Green can currently be found interning at Sole Healers Reflexology for appointments. Her own business is on a break, but when she returns, clients can contact her through her Facebook page, Sync into Clarity, for services.