A step up for quality

You could say winter and I have a love/hate thing going on. On one hand, I hate the snow, slush and salt (not to mention the days it feels like minus 40). Then again, I love winter boots.

It’s January and we’re right in the thick of the season. The holidays are over and spring break seems an eternity away – how can we lift our spirits? Well, a new pair of boots is a good start.

We’re only two months into winter, but we’ve already faced the Polar vortex, freezing rain and skating rinks for sidewalks. Suffice to say, an average pair of boots just won’t cut it this season. This year, it’s all about quality.

As students, we’re usually looking for the cheapest, cutest pair of boots available. Unfortunately, cheap price equals cheap quality. I learned the hard way last month after the lining came out of my own bargain pair. Going without a pair of boots in the middle of December? Not going to happen.

If I wanted a stylish pair of boots that would last me more than a month, I was going to have to bite the bullet. One trip to The Shoe Company and I emerged with a fabulous pair of Sperry Top Sider boots. So what if they cost twice as much as my old pair? They haven’t failed me yet.

How do you know when it’s time to trade up? Well, if the lining tears out like mine did, it’s time for a new pair. If the zipper is broken, it’s time for a new pair. If the sole is coming off your boot? Yeah, it’s time for a new pair.

After the deep freeze we experienced earlier this month, I came to appreciate a pair of boots with treads. Though boots of the flat-soled variety are popular, they don’t help when the ground is a sheet of ice.

Even though they’ve been around since World War I, Hunter Wellies have experienced resurgence in popularity in recent years. And for a good reason too. Not only are they stylish, but they’re also practical.

When the snow turns to slush, Hunters are perfect for avoiding the dreaded wet sock problem. If classic wellington boots aren’t your thing, fear not. They come in a rainbow of colours from periwinkle blue to punchy pink. There’s a boot for every mood.

Ankle booties are no doubt a trend, but one to be approached with extreme caution. It’s all about height – or lack thereof. For example, I’m 5′ 2″, and unless they have a tall heel, ankle booties will only make me look shorter.

If you have legs for days, you have the right to wear a flat ankle boot, as well as my envy. For the – ahem – vertically challenged, don’t do it. No matter how cute the bootie, it won’t do your figure any favours.

As much as I wish I could live in a tropical climate all year round, I don’t. If I’m going to brave a Canadian winter, I at least want a good pair of boots.


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