Sound waves

By Alyce MacLean

The Vagina Monologues ran for three nights last week, and they were absolutely amazing! I performed in all three shows, and I felt truly fortunate to share the stage with such strong, beautiful women.

In honor of my deep love for the Vagina Monologues, I’ve chosen to write about a bold, driven, and independent singer/song writer, Lykke Li (pronounced, Leaky Lee).

Lykke Li is from Sweden and she describes her music best when she says, “I like to dance, or I like to cry.”

Li is a shining example of a strong minded woman.

Since she felt that no one understood her project clearly enough, she released her debut album, Youth Novels, on a label that she created, she financed the video for her EP single “Little Bit” with her own money, and she is avidly involved in every visual aspect of her music.

Li has extremely strong vision, and an extremely strong mind. Her creativity drives her, and because of this, she lives by the mantra that she only has one life, ergo, she will try anything.

Youth Novels, released in 2008, is described by a lot of critics as pop/dance music, but if you listen to the lyrics, with Li’s personal life intimately woven through, her music becomes more of a confessional moment, rather than a song to dance to.

She feels that it is essential for people to listen to her lyrics. Li says that she has had her whole life to collect the inspiration for the words behind her songs. She uses heart break and painful stories to fuel her music.

Li considers herself a person who was born to questions things. Because of the realizations that she has made through this questioning, she has become a really dark person, saying, “My soul is black and deep and dark.”

It is sort of ironic that Li has such a dark message to convey, because her voice sounds like a child. To hear such sad lyrics from a frail, quiet voice creates a conflict inside the listener. The song “Time Flies” from Youth Novels is a great example of the paradox the Li’s music presents.

Li has been performing from a very young age in gospel choirs, and in dancing. She started writing songs on piano when she was very young.

She grew up with parents who were both artists, which may be the reason why she has such intense creativity.

It seems that before anything else, Li is an artist. Music is in her, but in order to lead a successful life, Li just wants to be able to express herself, no matter what medium she uses to create


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