Recap: VP student life and VP admin face off for STUSU president position

    The St. Thomas University Students’ Union presidential debates were held on Feb. 20. Bibi Wasiimah Joomun and Husoni Raymond were the candidates.

    Here’s what you missed:

    The candidates and their platforms

    Husoni Raymond:

    Raymond has been involved with STUSU since his first year. He was Harrington Hall’s vice-president external in his first year. In his second year, he was elected as the student representative on the STU  Board of Governors. This academic year, he is the STUSU vice-president administration. Outside of STUSU, he was the founder and president of the STU Debate Society and an executive of the St. Thomas University International Student Association. He worked in Student Services for two years, served as amendment captain of the university’s Moot Court team and has led the planning and execution of Black History Month events on campus for the past two years. He’s also been an active member of the Off-Campus Committee.

    Here are his summarized platform points:

    • He wants to listen to students, including marginalized students, about the problems they want addressed and their ideas on solving these problems. He wants to continue to develop partnerships in the university community and community at-large.
    • Student pride
      • He wants to recognize student accomplishments on the notice boards in James Dunn Hall.
      • He wants to make and sell STUSU clothing and accessories.
      • He wants to use social media to promote STU sports games and and student initiatives.
    • Transparency
      • He wants to continue weekly STUSU executive office hours in JDH.
      • He wants to make monthly infographics that show STUSU’s work.
      • He wants to continue the weekly STUSU newsletter.
    • Approachable and supportive
      • He wants to remain approachable so students, council members and the STUSU vice presidents feel comfortable sharing their concerns and he can help them overcome challenges.
      • He said he will support the vice presidents with their duties and plans, specifically with the federal Get Out the Vote campaign. He said he will also support STUSU and student-led initiatives, specifically the mental health and sexual assault committees.
      • He said he hopes to listen to students to develop advocacy priorities and bring these to the provincial and federal governments.

    Bibi Wasiimah Joomun:

    Joomun is the 2018-19 STUSU vice-president student life. In her second year, she was STUSU’s international students’ representative. She was also an executive member of Global Brigades, Rotaract, STU Debate Society and the St. Thomas University International Student Association. She was also a member of the Fredericton Youth Council. She has been a residence advisor in Vanier Hall for two years. She’s been a delegate for STUSU for NBSA Advocacy Week for the past two years.

    Here are her summarized platform points:

    • She wants to be involved with Get Out the Vote campaign and spread information on the election to encourage students to vote in the 2019 federal election
    • Foster the relationship between the Indigenous community and STU
      • She wants to continue to sit on the senate Committee for Truth and Reconciliation and ensure the Indigenous community is consulted before making campus decisions.
      • She wants to work toward upholding the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in STUSU’s bylaws and work with NBSA to attain funding from the provincial government to support universities’ initiatives toward this.
      • She wants to give the voice to underrepresented groups rather than advocating for them without consultation.
      • She wants to ensure STUSU respects the Indigenous community’s values and support them when asked and needed.
      • She wants to educate students on decolonization at STU.
    • She wants to advocate with NBSA for more provincial funding to provide better services and support for LGBTQ folks at STU and for other New Brunswick university campuses. She also wants to create a peer support group for LGBTQ folks on the STU campus.
    • She wants to make work hours gained while in post-secondary education count toward an application for Canadian Experience Class, an immigration program that allows people who have worked for one year in Canada to immigrate permanently to Canada, so it will be easier for international students to apply for permanent residency after their post-secondary education. She said she wants to advocate on behalf of international students.

    View our Facebook live stream of the debate here.

    The debate: