Recap: Candidate for STUSU pres wants to support union, be approachable

    (Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

    Last night, current vice-president student life Sarah Kohut discussed her platform points at the last of the St. Thomas University Students’ Union 2020-21 executive debates. She’s running to be next year’s STUSU president.

    Kohut is a third-year student studying criminology and psychology. She said if voted in, she wants to support the students’ union and students as a whole.

    Here’s what you missed:

    The candidate and her platform

    Promoting a Supportive Environment

    • She said she wants to promote a team mentality within the Student Representative Council and present herself as approachable for help or advice,
    • She wants to have meetings with each elected member and have check-ins with them;
    • have team bondings with the SRC;
    • be present on campus and be approachable to students, and ensure their voices are heard; and
    • promote office hours, and her email, so students are aware of the ways in which they can express concerns.

    Approachability and Accountability

    • She said she wants to attend a variety of events put on by the Students’ Union, the university and other groups on campus.
    • She wants to build connections with students through these events and other meetings and encourage the rest of the students’ union and executive team to also do this.
    • She wants to contine to promote everything the Students’ Union is doing.
      • In addition to the minutes and newsletters, she said she will continue to do the monthly update videos
    • She also wants to have weekly recaps of what the Students’ Union has accomplished posted on Instagram and Facebook, as well as notices of approaching events.

    Continuing Student Engagement

    • She said she wants to continue to post campus events and volunteer opportunities.
    • She wants to encourage volunteer participation through financial incentives such as gift cards.
    • She wants to create a digital calendar on the STUSU website that campus groups can add events to and see the students who will be attending those events.

    Watch our live stream of the debate here.

    The debate