Price of campus parking passes to increase

    St. Thomas University students will be shelling out more money for parking passes this fall – and they’ll have to buy the more expensive passes from the University of New Brunswick.

    STU’s director of facilities, Bill MacLean, confirmed the prices for parking passes will go up and said there will be 100 more spaces for students to park on campus.

    Exclusive lots for STU and UNB students will be replaced by student and faculty only lots, meaning STU students will be able to park anywhere on either campus.

    “Not all the details are ironed out yet,” MacLean said. “But it’ll be great because you’ll be able to park wherever.”

    The new Fredericton campus of the New Brunswick Community College opened last month and the college is expecting 290 students when classes start in September.

    But the students at NBCC will be starting their day earlier, so MacLean doesn’t anticipate any extra battles for parking spots.

    “Traffic shouldn’t change too much,” he said.

    The  exact price of the new parking passes could not be confirmed.


    1. I've been concerned about future parking since I saw construction begin on the new NBCC, right in the middle of STU's overflow parking lot. Now let's see, 290 more students and just 100 more parking places. Plus, NBCC students will begin earlier, so that when STU students arrive, many spots will already be occupied by NBCC student vehicles. "It'll be great because you'll be able to park wherever," says Mr. MacLean, STU's director of facilities. Does that translate to "Oh, no, I have to park way down the hill on the UNB campus and slide my way through the ice and snow up to STU, because the NBCC students chose to park near their building?

      I cannot comprehend Mr. MacLean's rationale. The way I see it, STU students will be paying more money and have less of a chance of finding parking on the STU campus…unless we arrive really early in the morning before the NBCC students, and then head to the study hall in MMH for a nap.

      On a positive note, though, all the hill walking I'll be doing to get from UNB parking lots to the STU campus will keep me in shape, so I can use the money I might have spent on fitness classes to cover the increase in the parking fee.


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