Prez search town hall poorly attended

    STUSU wants more student involvement

    More chances for students to be involved in decision making on campus topped the STUSU agenda at the presidential search town hall meeting on Sept. 7.

    Led by Anna Stuart, a vice-president with the human resource company leading the search, the sessions gave students and faculty a chance to have a say about what they want from the new STU president.

    Ella Henry, STUSU president, said the new president should remember that students are stakeholders in the university and work on find more ways to get students involved in making decisions that effect them.

    “STU is fairly unique in the amount of secrecy with the board of goveners,” she said. “There’s no opportunity for the student body to be engaged because there’s no knowledge that these decisions are even being made.”

    The shortlist of candidates for the position will be finalized on Sept. 27, with interviews following in November. The new president will take office in July 2011.


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