Zack Lakes is a fifth-year student at St. Thomas University in the education program. He has been on the men’s rugby team for the past two years.

Lakes is from Wolfville, N.S., where he attended King’s-Edgehill School, a small private school with only 300 students Grades Six to 12.

Lakes managed to keep himself busy with athletics throughout high school.

“I grew up in a multi-sport life. I played rugby, basketball, soccer and did biathlon so I kind of grew up playing a bunch of sports,” said Lakes.

Lakes brought his passion for athletics to STU, playing on the men’s soccer team his first year, but not joining the men’s rugby team until his fourth year. In Grade 12 he tore his MCL while playing rugby and decided to take a break.

Lakes focused on biathlon for the first three years of his university career. He trained heavily and even went to the Canada Games. Afterwards Lakes decided to just do biathlon recreationally.

“I do want to focus on things outside of athletics, but still want athletics to be apart of my life,” said Lakes.

Lakes chose STU for a few of reasons, one being because of his family. His father, grandmother and aunt all attended STU. He also liked the small school atmosphere.

“That’s one of the reasons why I came here, is because you can talk to your professors, you’re not just a number,” said Lakes.

Lakes gave credit to STU for his academic success throughout the years as well.

“My academics have come a long way and I think that’s because of STU honestly. Because I chose here I’m able to talk to my profs if I have a question,” said Lakes.

Lakes proposed to his new fiancée Sarie Durelle back in November. They are currently looking at summer of 2019 as a date for their wedding. They met in their first year in an Aquinas class and have now been together for four years.

Before the wedding and before his fiancée heads off to law school the couple are hoping to take a year to travel. Lakes mentioned Sweden was a possible destination for their travels.

“Teaching in Sweden would be awesome, that way [Sarie] could come and finish her undergrad there. It’s kind of up in the air but it’d be really cool if I can do that.”