Perfect Picks: Super Bowl 2018

If the Patriots win the Superbowl, it will be the first time they have beat a team twice to win the title of Superbowl champions. (Caitlin Dutt/AQ)
Super Bowl LII takes place on Feb. 4. The matchup pits the New England Patriots against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots have been in two of the last three Super Bowls and have won both of them. They finished first in the American Football Conference and have been the favorite since the preseason. Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, is looking for his sixth Super Bowl win, which would be a new record. He is already the most-triumphant quarterback in playoff history. Brady played the Eagles in his first Super Bowl, and if he wins this year, it will be the first time he beats a team twice for the title.
On the other side we have the Philadelphia Eagles. They are the underdogs of the post-season and have defied the odds. In week 14, they lost their star sophomore quarterback Carson Wentz to a torn ACL. The media thought the season was over. Backup Nick Foles stepped into the spotlight and took the league by storm. He played a pedestrian game against the Falcons, but he played well enough to beat them. In the National Football Conference championship game, he played like Tom Brady. He made every big throw and he never turned the ball over. The Minnesota Vikings, the losers of the game, had the best defense in the league. Foles tore them apart and he looks great coming into the Super Bowl. The Eagles also have a very good defense. They can force turnovers and sack the quarterback with very little conviction. They also finished with the top seed in the NFC but without their star they seemed to be done.
This battle for the Bowl has the superpower versus the the up-and-coming powerhouse. Tom Brady has the team he needs to beat anyone in the league. He does not have many stars on the offense but he makes it work. Rob Gronkowski, one of the best tight ends in the game, left the AFC championship game with a concussion and is questionable for the game. He is important, but the Patriots do not need him to win the game. They won the game last year with him out of the lineup. The defense of the Patriots is solid but they give up over 300-yards passing a game. They have the reputation of bend-don’t-break and it keeps them in games. They are the favorite, but this game will not be a blowout.
Nick Foles has to play a simple game. He must not turn the ball over and throw the ball deep when it is there. He can play safe and also not be predictable. Bill Belichick, coach of the Patriots, will try to eliminate the run game and put the game on Nick Foles. The defense of the Eagles have an edge that may affect the game in a big way. They can rush the quarterback with four and attempt to get in the face of Brady. The Giants beat Tom Brady in both losses he has suffered in the Super Bowl by rushing four.
My prediction for the game is 31-24 Patriots, and it will be the last game Bill Belichick and Tom Brady work together.


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