Outgoing EIC letter

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    (Book Sadprasid/The Aquinian)

    “I’ve seen the Big Lebowski about 25 times, not including acid flashbacks.”
    Those words were the first ones I ever had published in The Aquinian and it hasn’t gotten much better since.
    From my time here at The Aquinian, starting as a little art and features writer until now as EIC, I’ve learned a few things. Mostly, telling girls you’re a “writer” at a liberal arts university doesn’t make you stand out.
    The other thing I learned is running a newspaper can be hard and rewarding.
    Haven’t we had a fun year? From the now-Prime Minister visiting campus, bus strikes, STUSU drama, a human rights complaints and the potential sale of the Forest Hill residences, there have been lots to report on.
    I don’t want to make this a big long sappy piece (even though this is the last thing I’m writing for this newspaper) but just wanted to say thanks.
    I know this sounds crazy, but I owe a lot to The Aquinian. It’s the first place where I was asked to write (bribed by cigarettes I’ll have you know).
    It’s a place where I’ve felt comfortable and encouraged to grow. I’ve written some weird pieces but also my proudest pieces. A big part of that is knowing there are readers out there willing to deal with my crap.
    Anyway, my main philosophy when you’re not the main act is go onstage, try to get a laugh and then get off stage as quickly as you can, which is what I’ll do now.
    I leave you all in the capable hands of Hadeel.
    (I’d also like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my mom, hi mom, look at me I’m in a newspaper.)



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