New set of brothers take on STU men’s volleyball team

Ryan and Garret Dickson played on the same club volleyball team together three years ago. (Shannon Cornelius/AQ)

Ryan and Garret Dickson have only been on the same volleyball team once before, but they’re excited to take on the St. Thomas University men’s volleyball team this year.

Growing up, the brothers played a multitude of sports including basketball and baseball, but volleyball had always been the family sport.

“Our mom played volleyball for [the University of New Brunswick] and that was the biggest influence I think,” said Ryan.

They said being on the same team has been easy for them, especially since they play different positions. They said playing together has gone well because they’ve grown up together.

Head coach Henri Mallet believes having them both on the team will help the team atmosphere.

“The advantage of having brothers on the team is that it can help with the team vibe. Having a third-year player and a rookie being brothers can help make a connection between the rest of the team,” said Mallet.

Family affairs on the court are a common trend at STU. Mallet did not get to coach Stephane and Marc Blinn, twin brothers, last year when they were on the STU volleyball team, but said he coached them in high school. He also said he would never recruit a player just because they had a brother on the team.

“We look for players that will be a good fit for our program and with Ryan being an important part of this team over the last few years. We see great potential in Garret as he was one of the top recruits in the province,” Mallet said.

Mallet hopes both brothers will reach their full potential this year and help the team reach their end goal of winning nationals.


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