New company offers resources for young entrepreneurs

    (Kehinde Akinsanya/AQ)
    (Kehinde Akinsanya/AQ)
    Planet Hatch executive director, Sally Ng (Kehinde Akinsanya/AQ)

    Young entrepreneurs in Fredericton have an opportunity to jump-start their business with the help of the new company Planet Hatch.

    “One of the biggest issues when it comes to startups or any business wanting to take place is that they need financing and a lot of entrepreneurs are not aware of what financing options are available,” said Planet Hatch executive director, Sally Ng.

    Planet Hatch is knowledge based and focuses on providing young entrepreneurs with skills and information on how to build their startups into successful businesses.

    Ng and her team started their company three weeks ago. Over 200 people attended the grand opening party.

    Planet Hatch has already held many different activities and workshops to get their name out there and bring the community of Fredericton closer together.

    “If we want to raise the standard of living and develop specific jobs and create more revenue within our communities then we need to build companies. So, in order for that to happen, we have to create a very inclusive community for startups in general,” said Ng.

    A young Fredericton entrepreneur, Phillip Curley, attended one of Planet Hatch’s workshops. He said these kinds of meetings always give him great information regarding funding.

    Curley helped design an app that allows people to pay for downtown parking directly from their mobile phone. He says the app will be released next week and they will be setting up their resources in Saint John by the end of the month.

    “The biggest thing that entrepreneurs lack is awareness. We just don’t know what’s going on around us in terms of supportive networks,” said Curley.

    Heather Ogilvie is the owner of the second hand vintage clothing store in downtown Fredericton. She graduated from STU eight years ago with a journalism degree. At 23 and with the support of her family, she decided to take a risk and start a business of her own.

    “I had no real business experience, so start-up was a bit of a struggle,” Ogilvie said. “I was pretty young, and still trying to figure out things in life, too. Everything I learned was through trial and error. Something like Planet Hatch could have been useful, coaching through a business plan, access to resources and such.”

    Planet Hatch is determined to help all entrepreneurs no matter what kind of business they aspire to. Ng says the company doesn’t want anybody to think they aren’t as important as any other business.

    “No matter if you’re a tech company or a restaurant owner – you’re still an entrepreneur and we love you and we want more of you in the community.”


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