‘Moose Wizz’ soda-maker responds to Moosehead suit


    John Carr, Founder of “Adirondack Pub & Brewing Inc.”, is surprised at the intensity of Moosehead Breweries’ legal action against him.

    “Quite honestly, the filing and the way they’ve been going about this is just very bombastic,” said Carr. “Quite honestly, it’s corporate terrorism.”

    Moosehead Brewery is suing Adirondack Pub & Brewing Inc. because they say one of their products violates their copyright.


    Adirondack Pub & Brewing Inc. makes a root beer by the name of “Moose Wizz.” The label of the root beer includes a cartoon picture of a moose. This is what Moosehead has taken issue with.

    Carr says it was only when his lawyer suggested trademarking the name “Moose Wizz” that any problems were raised.

    “They must troll the registry office for you know the word moose,” said Carr. “Then they notified us, oh, probably five or six months ago.”

    The Aquinian reached out to Moosehead for comment. Karen Cousins, a spokeswoman for Moosehead, said they gave a statement to the Telegraph Journal, and would not be commenting further.

    In an interview with the Telegraph Journal, Trevor Grant, vice president of marketing and sales, said they were simply protecting their intellectual property.

    “We’re just trying to make sure that we don’t lose the rights and the value that are associated with our images and trademarks that we have worked so hard to develop over the past seven decades,” Grant told the TJ.

    Carr thinks there is enough of a difference between the two products that no one would mix them up.

    “Our moose is distinctively different than their moose,” said Carr. “Our moose probably looks a little more like Bullwinkle than it does their moose.”

    Carr is confident in his position. He says that Moosehead’s copyright only covers alcoholic beverages.

    “Their trademark licenses do not cover soda,” said Carr. “I don’t believe they make a soda even”

    Carr also points out that their brands exist in two different areas. You cannot find any of Carr’s products in Canada, and Moosehead is not a major player in Upstate New York, where the Adirondack Pub and Brewery is located.

    In the end, Carr feels that the lawsuit is frivolous.

    “I think anybody can tell the difference between root beer, and beer, even an eight year old.”


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