Men’s volleyball sweeps Dragons 3-0

The Tommies were able to scored multiple aces in their game on Jan. 27. (Shannon Cornelius/AQ)

The St. Thomas University men’s volleyball team defeated the Université Sainte-Anne Dragons on Jan. 27.

The game started off evenly matched, going back and forth for both teams. Tommies Adam Hamilton made some good plays as the Tommies began to build up some momentum.

The Tommies made some good plays and hard digs. Josh Dorey scored an ace and Ryan Farrell made two good saves in a nail biting back and fourth serve. The Tommies won the set 25-15.

The second set started similar to the first as the game was evenly matched between the Tommies and the Dragons. Both sides made good plays as it went back and forth throughout the set.

Tommies’ Christian Christie made some good plays while Jonah Burridge scored another ace. The set was close throughout, but the Tommies managed to win 25-20.

The men’s volleyball game saw a lot of good blocks by the Tommies. (Shannon Cornelius/AQ)

The third set saw the Tommies looking for the win to sweep the Dragons. They started off strong with an ace scored by Nathan Brown.

The Dragons began to fight back hard, but the Tommies kept up the momentum.

In a mix up by the Dragons, who did not rotate their servers, they lost three points, giving them to the Tommies and putting them 24-9. Another ace scored by Brown won the set and the game.

Head coach Henri Mallet was impressed with the Tommies and their efforts in the game.

“Overall we’re satisfied with the game. Execution was there in the first and third set. We took some time off in the second set which as coaching staff we’re never happy with. We made some errors that shouldn’t be done. They’re a great defensive team but we put the pressure on them offensively,” said Mallet.

“We still have a young team so we make some errors from time to time. It’s just the type of errors that we make. There are some good errors and some bad errors but we’ll continue to work on that.”


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