Meet the candidates: Student senator

    Peter Johnston

    Peter Johnston (Submitted)


    Year: Second
    Major: History
    Hometown: Saint John, N.B.
    Previous STUSU positions: N/A

    The Aquinian: Why does this position appeal to you?

    Peter Johnston: The position appeals to me because I feel I can represent both sides, the union and the senate, well by satisfying both parties.

    AQ: How are you going to engage students in the senate? How are you going to make sure they know what the senate does?

    PJ: I will present an option for students to consult me through Facebook, Twitter or meeting one-on-one to give me their thoughts on what they would like to see be done.

    AQ: What philosophy are you going to take when sitting on the senate to represent students?

    PJ: To keep in mind that I am a student like everyone else. I have the same worries and concerns. Be the senator I would be happy to see represent myself if I had not been in this position.

    AQ: How will you make students aware of what’s going on at senate meetings?

    PJ: Given the amount of time people spend on Facebook/Twitter, I will keep students aware through my Twitter account and Facebook page.

    AQ: Why should students care about the senate?

    PJ: Care about the senate because it is an extension of you, the students. Speak through me, to the union and the senate.

    Note: David Jennings is running for the second student senator position but did not provide answers to these questions.


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