Letter to the Editor: Clarification and apology for “What free tuition means to me”

(Caitlin Dutt/AQ)

I would like to apologize for how I framed the perspective in the letter I wrote for The Aquinian published Feb. 26 (“What universal free tuition means to me”). It was an admission of privilege, an attempt to highlight how alien the lives of high income students are compared to the average student. However, it was done in a less than humble manner and I take responsibility for any offence that I may have caused. I intended it to be satirical. I knowingly exaggerated about my economic privilege throughout the letter for dramatic effect. I was also trying to sound chauvinistic for dramatic effect. However, I quickly realized it came off as insensitive instead. I’m sorry to those I have offended.

I would also want to make completely clear that I did this of my own personal volition without any connection to the St. Thomas University Students’ Union, where it stands on the debate, or my past time there. I did not inform the current STUSU executives of my intention to publish a letter prior to publication. As a result, none of my views in this post or letter have anything to do with the organization.


Philippe Ferland