Letter to the Editor: cafeteria infractions

Dear Editor,

I don’t usually publicly voice my problems, but the university’s recent reaction to the cafeteria failing its health inspection (twice) has left me frustrated with the way this school treats its students. This is an issue the students should have been alerted to as the cafeteria is frequented by most students everyday. With five major infractions and the second lowest grade received, this was not a slight incident but something that could have been serious to anyone eating there. This is shown because it took two inspections to receive a green health rating. Through all of this the students had no idea there were any problems. This is wrong and shows that STU chooses business over the health of their students.

The cafeteria is more than a restaurant or a business. It’s home to all students in residence. It is, in effect, their kitchen and their source of food. For there to be such health issues and students not be notified demonstrates a huge failure on the school’s behalf and ultimately shows they put money ahead of the health of their students.

This is dangerous. Food poisoning is a serous illness. With five major infractions, it could easily have been the result for these students. For this reason, students should have been made aware of the health issues at the cafeteria and that the university was in the process of fixing the problem. The students would have understood and the school would have come out of this looking good. This was a poor away to treat students who already pay so much to this institution.

This whole debacle has shown STU in a negative light because it has demonstrated its disregard for students, some of whom get all their meals from the cafeteria and pay a lot of money to do so. We deserve better than this.

Oliver Crook

Fourth year

Political Science


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