Knuckle Supper serves up first album


What’s more aggressive than a knuckle sandwich? A Knuckle Supper of course.


Knuckle Supper is hard at work hatching out their first ten-track album in a former masonic temple hall that’s being converted into a Christian fellowship church.

“These ten songs are kind of emblematic of this one era of the band,” says singer and guitarist Dylan Sealy. “I really want to capture this point in time because there is just something really cool about it.”

The band sets up on main stage of the church allowing the natural acoustics of the building to give them the sound they want. They’re in the process of recording the song “High School Dance.”

“It’s about getting stood up,” Sealy says, “which never happened to me. That’s the beauty of song writing: you can make things up.”

Growing up in Bathurst, Dylan Sealy, Pat Lenihan, Joel Couture and Kevin Eddy have been friends since childhood. Originally playing together during high school in a band whose music, according to Sealy, consisted of “fucked up, racy songs about stupid shit.”

A year ago, the guys got back together and began jamming again, this time under a different name.

Under their previous name The Cowards, they were a self-described folk-punk-rock band that was aggressive, yet laid back. Knuckle Supper’s sound is reminiscent of late ’90s indie-rock, with a noticeable early 2000s fuzz-folk influence. It’s like Neutral Milk Hotel got into a fistfight with Modest Mouse.

The vocal duties, guitar playing and song writing is split between Sealy and Lenihan, with Couture on bass and Eddy on drums. The writing styles of Sealy and Lenihan are different, but seem to work to create the Knuckle Supper sound.

“The songs that I write are generally speaking, either angry, sad, or angry-sad,” Sealy says, while Lenihan describes his song writing as more systematic.

“I’ll take the attitude of our music, and I’ll write down a scenario and try to create a story or a character out of that.”

Showing no signs of slowing down, Knuckle Supper intends to have this album out in the next few months.

“We have managed to get to a general consensus of what we want to do with this project,” Sealy says. “But we already have new songs we want to record so I don’t think it will stop anytime soon.”


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