Incoming editor-in-chief letter

    I almost took Latin instead of journalism.

    It was summer 2015 and I had four classes picked, but I needed a fifth. I was stuck between Introduction to Latin and throwing myself into the world of journalism.

    I grew up wanting to be a journalist, but I heard people say, “Journalism is a dying industry,” and the all-too-familiar-for-any-liberal-arts-kid, “You won’t get a job in that.”

    Journalism still won my heart over though, so sucks to suck. 

    Deciding to take journalism was the best choice of my life, and one that changed everything.

    I wrote my first story a month into the 2015-16 school year and, boy, was it rough.

    But I did it.

    And I did it again — well over … many times. I did it many times, and that number is too high to fathom let alone write without me staring off into the distance and mumbling, “Good heavens, I’ve really devoted a lot of time to this paper.”

    After that first story though, I realized journalism wasn’t just what I wanted to do — it’s what I was meant to do.

    I want to help all the future little journalists, like little first-year me, write something and feel that same sense of, “Cool!” when they see their byline on a story.

    Yet, the whole journalism thing has made me cry multiple times. My experience with it is like that meme of the cartoon dog in a room engulfed in flames, picking up it’s coffee and saying, “This is fine,” crossed with the Kermit- the-frog-fervently-typing Gif.

    Still, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be your incoming editor-in-chief.

    I have written and edited stories for you on four hours of sleep with stress-induced flus and fainting spells featuring the aid of three cups of coffee and a Clif Bar.

    And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, it will probably become a daily occurrence next year and I’ve just come to accept that.

    In all seriousness (for just a moment, I swear), I love journalism and if you know me, you know I’m passionate about this paper. It has a special place in my heart.

    The Aquinian gave me a space to practice journalism. Its editors taught me how to be a journalist. They’ve encouraged me at every click of the keyboard. They’ve prepared me well during the past three years so that I don’t fuck up (completely).

    Angela Bosse has basically been my journalism mom this year. She’s fed me tea and soup during my flu bouts, she’s patiently listened to my fears and she’s taught me all the journalism facts of life I need to thrive.

    She even offered to buy me a tequila shot.

    Angie is not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

    And I only hope I can be half as cool of a journalism mom as she is.

    The new managing editor and I are nice, friendly and the most responsible duo you will ever meet. If you have a problem, don’t hesitate to send us an email, a message, or stare at us in the Great Hall until we notice you. We are happy to receive your death stares and listen to your concerns. Or smiles and compliments. Definitely feel free to compliment — and you should have lots of them.

    We plan to revamp the look of the website and change up the front and backpage. We’re also hoping to increase engagement, bring you guys some wicked centerspreads and more long-form interactive pieces. We’ve already planned the entire Halloween issue. Of course, there will be the usual breaking news, game and event coverage too.

    Above all else, we’re here to help future kickass journalists get their start. We’re here to make you laugh — and cry. We’re here to hold the university and everyone at it accountable. We’re here to inform you. We’re here to give you a voice.

    We’re here for you.


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