In Brief: STU fees increase

    Alyssa Mosher – The Aquinian –

    Tuition has gone up again for international students at STU.

    Despite their “guaranteed award” of $1,700, students not living in Canada pay almost three times the amount that Canadian residences pay to attend St. Thomas University.

    According to an email from Larry Batt, Dean of Students and Registrar, international tuition for 2010-2011 will be $12,480 – a $480 increase from last year.

    International students pay more because international tuition is not included in the provincial government’s operational grant offered to post-secondary schools in New Brunswick.

    Tuition for Canadian students will remain frozen for another year.  However, all STU students will see an increase in their fees  as they will now pay for access to the University of New Brunswick’s Health Centre, one of many shared facilities.

    The base fee for residence and meal plans has also gone up by $170.

    Residence laundry fees have also increased from $60 to $65 per year.

    Fees increase, Alyssa Mosher


    1. Tuition increasing is not some sort of apocalyptic cosmic event, it's the inevitable cost of doing business, paying profs' salary scale increases, power and steam heat costing more, etc. Canadian students will pay taxes from cradle to grave, and these taxes subvene our education. International students don't pay income taxes, and frequently leave the country when their education is done. Why should our state subvene another state's citizens?


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