Hungry Hearts for Haiti

All proceeds for Hungry Hearts show at the Cellar go to Oxfam (Courtesy: Melanie Gordon)
All proceeds for Hungry Hearts show at the Cellar go to Oxfam (Courtesy: Melanie Gordon)

Local music collective hosts benefit concert on Feb.19

Elizabeth Sullivan – The Aquinian

Adam Guidry and Ryan Gallen have two different ideas of what Hungry Hearts is about.

“It’s kind of like if you took Tom Petty, and Tom Petty was having an affair on his wife with Bruce Springsteen and they were hanging out a bunch, and they weren’t necessarily having sex or anything, but they were hanging out a bunch,” Guidry said.

“I think what we sound like is what it would sound like if they were wrestling in butter on the floor,” Gallen added.

However, they both agree that their music is like the warning that comes on the side of a hot tub: Don’t go in if you’re pregnant or have a heart condition.

FoodClothingShelter Music, a local music collective, will be holding a benefit concert at the Cellar on Feb. 19, with all proceeds going to Oxfam’s efforts to help Haiti. Three bands will be performing on Friday night: The Bell Comedians, Hungry Hearts and The Elephant.

This will be the second benefit for Haiti to feature Hungry Hearts.

Guidry and Gallen said they make their music fun by adding a positive spin to potentially negative situations.

“Most people’s songs are about frustrating aspects of your daily life, and it’s finding the good parts in there,” Gallen said. “I mean, I want to say that we’re a happy band, but the content that we deal with isn’t necessarily happy. But the way we’re dealing with that content is to try and have a positive message in the end. You have to play the hand you got.”

The two got their start playing acoustic sets at the Capital, and eventually settled into their co-frontman roles, oddly reminiscent of ‘Shake n’ Bake’ with three of their best friends filling out the sound. They said they’re grateful for the music scene that Fredericton offers.

“Fredericton is the place to start out,” Guidry said. “ I mean it’s a small place but it’s really artsy. A lot of bands pass through here, so it’s a good place to start off without starting off in a big city. We get offered shows all the time in Fredericton”

Gallen added that they’re grateful that Fredericton has venues dedicated to live music, such as the Capital.

“There’s always offering opportunities for us to play, not just our band, all bands in Fredericton,” he said.

Hungry Hearts have been slowly gaining a fan base in Fredericton. They’ve finally started recording their material, and FoodClothingShelter Music has offered their support.

Luke Macdonald, promoter and manager of the collective, is excited to have Hungry Hearts on board to help raise funds for Oxfam.

“They’re really fun, they bring a lot of energy, and they love to just play live, and have a lot of fun at their show,” he said. “I think people should head out because they’re going to have a lot of fun. All three bands are great live, and fun and it’s supporting a good cause, and it’s only 5 dollars, and there’s going to be information, there’s going to be pamphlets on Oxfam, for people who want to do more.”


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