“He was a memory maker”

    Hundreds turn out to honour Andrew Bartlett

    Emotional service: Mourners enter All Saints Church in St. Andrew’s for Andrew Bartlett’s funeral. (Alex Solak/AQ)
    Emotional service: Mourners enter All Saints Church in St. Andrew’s for Andrew Bartlett’s funeral. (Alex Solak/AQ)

    Fourth-year student Andrew Bartlett was laid to rest last week during an emotional ceremony attended by his friends, family and teammates.

    More than 300 people filled All Saints Church in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Bartlett’s family, including his mother Cindy Bartlett, father Peter Bartlett and younger brother Adam Bartlett, led the mourners.

    “We all know how much Cindy, Peter and Adam loved Andrew, and how much he loved them,” said Reverend Canon John Matheson, who directed the ceremony.

    The 21 year-old was found dead by police in his apartment building on Oct. 24. While police are still investigating, cause of death is believed to be accidental.

    Bartlett, an English major, is mourned by the STU community said STU president Dennis Cochrane.

    “Ever since the terrible news on Sunday, students, professors, teammates, coaches have been gathering and sharing a memory about Andrew. There are as many laughs as tears,” said Cochrane who spoke at the funeral.

    Bartlett’s volleyball jersey—number 11—was displayed in the church along with pictures and trophies. Bartlett was fond of the number 11, wearing it as he played soccer, hockey and in provincial championships in high school.

    “Eleven will also be the year of Andrew’s graduation,” said Cochrane. As his voice was breaking he announced that Bartlett would be receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree posthumously.

    “And we hope you will be able to be with us in May 2011 to join his classmates,” said Cochrane, addressing Bartlett’s family. The STU flag, which flew at half-mast last week, will also be presented to the Bartletts.

    Derek Montague, a fourth-year journalism student and close friend of Bartlett’s also spoke at the funeral.

    “Andrew was the life of any party,” said Montague, who called his friend a “memory maker.”

    As Montague described some of his favorite memories with Bartlett, the late student’s friends laughed and cried.

    “He was the happiest person I ever knew,” said Montague. “And it had nothing to do with luck. “

    Bartlett was buried in St. Andrew’s rural cemetery. A reception for mourners followed the burial.

    “It’s important to remember that Andrew died at a happy time in his life,” said Montague.

    A memorial service for Bartlett will take place at the STU chapel Oct 2. at noon. Family members of Bartlett will be there.


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