Grad moved to GHC

    Graduates will be donning their caps and gowns at the Grant Harvey Centre instead of the traditional St. Thomas courtyard on May 13. Graduation was moved to the Aitken Centre in previous years due to weather. Grad class president Brittany Arsenault says faculty decide where graduation is held.

    “The GHC is a positive venue for STU and it’s a great alternative to the Aitken Centre. It’s always a challenge because the weather is unpredictable, but having the GHC is a great addition,” Arsenault said.

    Some fourth-year students are disappointed by the venue change.

    “It’s not even near the campus so what’s the point,” Jordan MacDonald said.

    The sports facility was opened in the fall on Knowledge Park Drive, which is not on campus. Unless students have gone there to watch hockey, it’s unlikely they’ve ever even been there. Justin Marshall doesn’t see the big issue.

    “The positive thing is at least it won’t be crazy busy like the courtyard used to be like, you could barely get a seat at times,” Marshall said.

    The arena can hold 1,500 people.

    Amanda Jess expressed her disappointment on Twitter.

    “Graduation should be at the same place we took our classes. I feel no ties to the GHC,” she said.

    Arsenault says moving graduation to the GHC was decided when the sports facility was established.

    “We are starting a new tradition and we should embrace that,” Arsenault said.


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