Fredericton artists brings work to St. Thomas

The drawings of Fredericton based artist Glenn Priestley are being exhibited at St. Thomas University’s Yellow Box Gallery from now until October 25. Priestley’s previous work has been shown in galleries across the country and abroad, including exhibits in Fredericton, Toronto and New York.Enduro2

“I never imagined I would ever live in a small place like Fredericton.”

Originally from Toronto, Priestley moved to Fredericton in 1996 to raise his daughter in a slow paced environment, away from the big city. He has been hard at work since being here, his exhibit Glenn Priestley: Variations, was showcased at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in  Sept. 2004 to  Jan. 2005, his first solo exhibit was in 1981 Lemay Carell Gallery in Toronto.

His exhibit at the Yellow Box entitled “Drawings” encompasses Priestley’s figurative style, which has made him one of Canada’s leading artists in the discipline.

“Of the visual arts drawing is the most challenging and difficult creative pursuit.” Priestley says. “You can paint without drawing. You can also swim without water but you’re not really swimming, you’re just moving your legs and arms around.”

Priestley has attended some of the top art programs in the country such as the Vocational Arts Program at Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute and the Ontario College of Art where he graduated with honours in 1976.

During his time at OCAF Priestley spent a year studying in Florence, Italy. Priestley also studied anatomy at the University of Toronto, where he was able to hone his understanding of the human figure.

Priestley’s work is left for the viewer to interpret, he leaves it to the audience to decide what messages or themes he is trying to portraySBrownBellamy 9.

“Great work of the past survives for a reason. People throughout history have respected and honoured great achievements.” Priestley said. “Study art history, it will give you an appreciation and context and it will enrich your life.”