Football helmets and bathing suits

So, you want to play sports this summer? When you’re breaking out your cleats be sure to grab your water wings.

Everyone has their go-to summer activity. For some it’s camping, for others it’s drinking heavily – although those two can be done together. Personally, I love playing sports and keeping active (but I have been known to imbibe in forests, too). Nothing is better than going for a bike ride on a warm day or running across a lush soccer field.

After all the snow we’ve had this winter – and the fact that there’s still three feet of it on the ground – spring and summer sports are going to have a tough go this year. Don’t let the sunshine fool you. That snow has to go somewhere, and the results aren’t going to be pretty.

Sure, that much water could be good for fields and trails that aren’t frequently cared for. But remember: last summer Fredericton got 460 mm of rain. Think of that plus all the water leftover from winter. Yikes times a thousand. A lot of fields are going to be flooded and people are going to have to find new sports.

Which is where I come in. Summer is a time for freedom. School’s out, and for some of us it will never be in again. You want to let loose and have fun. It’s the perfect time to have new experiences. You might as well be active while you’re doing it.

Soccer, football and other field sports might have trouble this year. It all depends on location and how good the city is at maintaining the facilities. But once (if) that water goes the grass is going to be awesome. All you need are a few friends and a reasonably-sized area. I’m not going to say you have to play in a field, live your own lives. But these are summer classics, so if Mother Nature gives us a thumbs-up, be sure to give these sports a go. Soccer is becoming even more popular in Canada. I know this is true because I actually watched a Toronto FC game the other day.

If you want to have your mind blown while you exercise, check out the Hopewell Rocks. This place is legit. It’s located in the Bay of Fundy and you get an extremely rare opportunity. You go in the morning while the tide is low and walk on the ocean floor. How cool is that? Well it’s about to get cooler. You go back during high tide and kayak where you just walked. The world is amazing.¬†And one of the benefits? You’re already in the ocean. No need to worry about snow melting and ruining it.

New River Beach is also a cool place to hang out. The beach is gorgeous and spacious, giving ample room for tanning and sandcastle-building. There are trails all around the ocean, and if you’re adventurous enough you can climb on rocks that dangle overtop of the water. I’ve also been walking on the beach at night and have seen bioluminescent plankton, which are basically glowing blue dots in the sand after the waves roll out. So never knock a causal beach stroll. It also has a campground (for all you drinking enthusiasts) and depending on your campsite, you can hear the ocean while you sleep.

And if you’re still looking for a summer sport, maybe just take up swimming.


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