St. Thomas University is participating in the #moodcheckchallenge so students can learn more about their own mental health.
Kelly Humber Kelly, the Positive Mental Health Champion at St. Thomas, said being able to track your mood can help you better manage your mental health.
“We all struggle with mental health, the same way that we struggle with physical health,” she said.
To participate, students can download an app called MoodCheck and use the access code MCC.
The app asks how you’re feeling and then asks for additional information. It asks where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing, with the option to add your own notes. The app prompts you to check in twice a day and over time it will evaluate in what situations you feel your best and when you feel your worst.
Between March 14-25, university students across Atlantic Canada will earn points for their school every time they check in.
“The university in the end that has the points wins a cash prize to go toward mental health initiatives on campus,” said Kelly.
The app isn’t new, but the contest is a way to encourage more students to use the app. Jordyn Meade-Baxter started using the app when UNB Counselling Services recommended it to her for her anxiety. While the app is fast and simple, Meade-Baxter felt the app did not give accurate results because she mostly used it when she was having a bad day.
“It just made it seem like I was having a lot of bad days,” said Meade-Baxter. “It’s not the app’s fault. I only thought to input [the information] when I was feeling down.”
However, when used regardless of mood, Kelly said the app is good at doing what it promises.
“Typically people that have a better grasp of their moods have a better grasp of why they’re feeling the way that they’re feeling, and tend to have a better outcome when it comes to mental health,” said Kelly. “[The app] helps you to understand how certain people, places, and things make you feel certain ways.”