The article “Part of the team” in the Nov. 9 print edition of the Aquinian states: “The director of athletics and the soccer coach have since been replaced.”

    There was no intention to suggest that these two departures had any relation to the incidents in the article.


    1. I cannot believe you pulled this article (Part of the Team)! This is a lame attempt to bury this story and once again ignore the reality of the negative impacts of Hazing and STU's inability to clean it up.

      Shame on you all once again!

      Scott J. Patterson

    2. I can not believe that the Aquinian would have such low standards of journalism. To just print what a disgruntled student (who didn't get much playing time for reasons that were evident on the pitch) says without doing their homework first.
      I believe in freedom of speech but to way this was written was very unprofessional and amateur. Holly forgot to mention that she was benched from a game for being 45 mins late.

      This is a free paper so that would be your first clue!


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