Centerspread: Flavors of Fredericton

If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s food that tastes good. But how do you find the hidden delicious wonder deep in the depths of various menus across Fredericton?

We know a lot of people don’t have the time (or the funds) to do that themselves so the drooling mouths and rumbling stomachs belonging to AQ staff members hit the streets last week to find out find the best of the best meals in the city. And now we’re sharing that with you.


Smokes CMYK (Kelsey)Smoke’s Poutinerie by Kelsey Pye

I’m a poutine purist.

I like tradition. Fries, gravy, and a huge load of cheese curds. If you’re saucy, throw some bacon in there.

I was forced into Smoke’s for this piece. To me, their dishes aren’t really poutine. I simply refused to go there on principle. I’m a snob and I’m not afraid to admit it.

I walked into Smoke’s with an open mind. I told the staff it was my first time and they were gentle. Host Cindy helped me choose the best dish for me and even gave me a huge-ass sticker with some dude’s face on it. A+ for service.

I grabbed my chili cheese bacon poutine and sat down in the corner. The portions are good, so, grab a friend and split one. When it comes down to it, the food is good.

It’s not poutine, but it’s good.


The Cellar CMYKThe Cellar by Tamara Gravelle

Too few things can account to the creamy goodness that lies in the middle of a plate full of tortilla chips and pita pieces at The Cellar.

The steaming hot bowl of artichoke and spinach dip has the perfect amount of dip to dipper ratio and you’ll only burn your mouth wolfing it down for the first few pieces.

For a campus pub that sees so many students each day, it’s never a bad idea to get the spin dip for multiple reasons. 1) it has all the deliciousness of cheese without feeling like you’ll be stuck in the bathroom for the rest of the night. 2) large chunks mean minimal public teeth picking. And 3) the words “artichoke” and “spinach” make it sound super healthy. Doesn’t matter if it’s not healthy at all, it still sounds like it.

Pair this piece with whatever draft beer happens to be on special that day and you’re golden for the rest of the night.


Cafe Loka CMYK (Kayla)Café Loka by Kayla Byrne

I was walking down York Street and my guts were yelling. I felt all sweaty and dizzy. In less dramatic terms, I was wicked hungry.

Having never eaten at Café Loka, I thought I’d give it a spin because it was also the closest thing to me. I bopped in and expected to find the same old coffee and stale muffins as most cafés, which is fine by me- girl’s gotta eat.

Instead I was passed this menu filled with real flavourful food. Half paying attention, I chose the pad thai, but instead of noodles all these Thailand veggies came to me sitting on pizza crust. Yes, some beautiful human had created a pad thai pizza which was also vegan! On top of all that, my pizza had a friend, a fresh side salad smothered (in the right way) with a sweet dressing.

Goddamn, that was the best day ever.


The Snooty Fox by Justin Brown

Your tongue is a wonderful thing. You need it for so many important things, but the most important thing (to me) is finding new tasty things to eat.

If you are going to pick a favourite food to eat at a restaurant you need to know what you are looking for. The first thing you need to decide is what kind of protein you are looking for. The truth is pulled pork is probably the best thing to eat If you need to comfort yourself after a long day. So, if you are going to try anything, go to the Snooty Fox and try their Duke Rolls.

It is basically deep fried pulled pork with cheese. You will not regret your experience and the first time I tried them I ordered more to go.


Bulgogi CMYKBulgogi by Megan Cooke

My favourite meal in Fredericton is the spicy tuna sushi from Bulgogi.

I am a lover of all things spicy, so this meal really hits the spot for me. But, whether or not you’re a fan of spicy food, Bulgogi has a variety of flavours to fulfill your needs. From Mango to bacon rolls, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re feeling adventurous, they even have sushi pizza. The relaxing atmosphere makes it a great place to take a date, or catch up with friends. If you’re having one of those nights where all you want is to stuff your face in the comfort of your own home, Bulgogi offers delivery and take-out too. So, take a risk, try something new and don’t forget the soy sauce and wasabi.


STU Cafeteria CMYK (Joe)STU Cafeteria by Joseph Tunney

Stepping into the St. Thomas Cafeteria can be like stepping into a small Paris café or going on a scenic gondola ride through Venice. The beauty is just a little more subtle. C’est dans les détails.

But bring a date so you have something other than the blindingly offensive ceiling lights to look at and can listen to something other than the nuanced jocks yelling at each other from across the room.

As for the food, they have a broad range of cuisine ranging from classic Canadian food to classic American food. Never again will you wonder how many different ways there are to put chicken in a wrap. In fact, sometimes when I’m lining up, I think it may be time to start a support group for battered chickens.

Truthfully, the food is fair; there’s something for everyone and the staff couldn’t be nicer. A personal favourite is The Big Breakfast which has bacon, eggs, toast and home fries (ask for Montreal Spices).

The caf may not Hard Rock Café, but who wants to eat hard rocks. It will get me through until exams.


Kerstin CMYKChez Maman by Kerstin Schlote

Chez Maman is a nice, cozy place with wooden dining tables and benches right next to the kitchen, which gives you the feeling of being at home. The chef – everybody calls her Mama – doesn’t present you a menu with twenty different dishes. Usually, there’s a daily special, but you always have the option of opening the fridge and chose something else when you’re not happy with the chef’s pick. On special occasions such as your birthday or Christmas, Mama will however ask what you would like to have.

You can expect simple comfort food there like haute-cuisine dinners, Hungarian or German traditional dishes or improvised Mama-creations like stews.

I love eating at Chez Maman, because it’s always delicious and as long as you’re a well-behaved guest at this fine dining restaurant, you can expect a piece of chocolate as dessert.


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