Campus briefs

    Election appeal

    An appeal has been filed concerning the STUSU by-election results of off-campus representatives.

    Fourth year student Elizabeth Strange sent a letter to Ryan Smith, chair of the STUSU, stating Windsor Street residents were unable to vote for OC reps because they are considered their own residence.

    OC reps are the voice of Windsor Street residents on the student council.

    An appellate board will be meeting this week to hear the appeal. All decisions made by the board are final.


    Budget change

    The annual STUSU team building retreat is costing the union more than they expected.

    Due to a lack of advertising for the lodge they usually attend and some damages in previous years, owners aren’t willing to give the union the usual discount.

    To combat this, the union voted on moving $1,000 of the budget set aside for conferences to teambuilding. The motion passed unanimously.


    Admissions building change

    The Admissions building was named Donald C. Duffie Hall on Friday.

    The building was named in honour of former STU president, Donald Duffie. Duffie was president from 1961-1975. He watched the move from Chatham to Fredericton and implemented curriculum for the humanities and social sciences programs at STU.


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